What we used


What we used

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Cable Bullet

Of all the unique things about our home, the rooftop deck gets the most comments. It added over 200 sq feet of living space to our Tiny House. This product is unique and designed by our contractor. 

Cable Bullet



Paul builds custom tables with his free time. His experience and abilities made so many custom pieces possible in the tiny house. Need a dining room table or coffee table? He's got you covered. 




Hinges + Handles

Want a 9 foot door on a budget? Want a cool modern door handle? Then you need someone who knows that they are doing. We were lucky to have the Hinges and Handles to help us get a handle on what we were doing. Ahh! See what I did there? If you don't laugh at that joke I might come unhinged. Ahh! Did it again! Ok, I'm done...just call them for help. 

Hinges + Handles

Hand House 91.JPG

Inglenook LLC

Inglenook LLC is a design and construction management company owned and operated by Daniel Schlatter. His passion is smaller, well designed homes. Daniel designed our tiny house, and was our contractor throughout  the build. His attention to detail and design is the reason our tiny house feels so open. 

Inglenook LLC


WoodLane Creations

This clock. The perfect combination of Modern and rustic that goes with our home. Probably because WoodLane makes the coolest clocks out there. Seriously go check them out. And then buy a few of them.

WoodLane Creations LLC


Sherwin-Williams Super Deck Semi-Solid Exterior Deck Stain

We used this semi-solid stain to coat our outdoor wood panels and ground floor deck. It can be applied to damp wood so a projects can be finished quickly. This semi-solid stain offers better defense against weathering than transparent stain. Water cleanup is a must for Bekah. Every time she paints, she gets covered in it, so this waterborne stain was perfect for us! 



Sherwin-Williams Paint Emerald + ProClassic

I could go on and on about Sherwin-Williams. We chose the Emerald Interior Acrylic Latex Paint for our walls. The paint is strong and cleans well. We chose ProClassic Waterborne Interior Acrylic Enamel for our cabinets and doors. This paint is strong and thick, but dries evenly with its self-leveling element. Perfect for kitchen cabinets and doors that need a thick coat that is easy to wipe and scrub clean. 

Pro Classic ++Emerald

ClimateRight:                      Heater/Air Conditioner

Need one unit that does it all? Simple to install, easy to use, and efficient? Look no further than this ClimateRight's 10,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner+Heater Unit. This unit is perfect for a tiny house, bus, RV, Garage up to 350 sq feet! 



Canary in a Coal Mine Art

I am blown away by Stephanie's art work. I cannot believe I get to have these pieces in my home. She creates this art using paint and her breath. Pretty incredible! 

Canary In A Coal Mine Art



Colorado 96.JPG

Bekah Taylor Photography

Getting married? Bekah is a wedding photographer. If you are a cool person and getting married, she is your girl. If you are a jerk then don't even try. Because who would want to spend a Saturday taking pictures of jerks?

Bekah Taylor Photography



Sailrite Hammock

Bekah made a hammock. It didn't work at first. But then Sailrite very kindly helped her fix it. It can hold one person comfortably. It can hold two people uncomfortably.  




Tom Girl Studios

Melodie is one of my favorite artists. She is also an expert with home decor and home staging.


Tom Girl Studios



Mudlove Pottery

Mudlove makes awesome things out of clay. They also give a lot of money away to help provide clean water in the Central African Republic. They don't make plates and bowls but when you work for them you get to make whatever you want out of clay. Go buy cool stuff from them. It will make you happy and do some good in the world. Or go work for them and make your own plates and bowls.