I have said it before and I will say it again, our contractor, is amazing! His passion is new designs, and that makes it so that he is always coming up with new things that most people wouldn't think was possible. Our house is a wood frame, but because of the Bondo it how has no seams at all. Now that the Bondo is finished, we will be using a paint/coating and mesh to create a thin waterproof layer over the whole house. The whole coating will only be 1/16th of an inch. 

This is super exciting. But also super scary. We don't know if anyone (in the whole world) has ever tried something like this before. I'm not trying to say we are leaders in design or anything here. I'm just saying that we don't have any frame of reference as to how this will work. This is where trust is huge. We know that everything Dan does is done well. He researches and tries new things all the time. We feel assured that what he recommends will be the best, so we are going for it! 

We are using a special paint called RoofTechnology Acrylic! Here is a diagram from their website of how it works! 

Images Source 

Images Source 

So basically here is how it looks for our house

  1. Paint a layer of red paint
  2. Layer of mesh fabric
  3. Paint 2nd layer of red paint
  4. Let it dry
  5. Paint layer of white paint
  6. Let it dry
  7. Paint 2nd layer of white paint
Outdoor Coating2.JPG

The first two layers with the mesh were the most important. That is the portion of the waterproof coating that actually needs to be done perfectly. Dan had his crew do this part and then allowed us to add the two layers of white paint at the end. 

Please notice in the photos how they would throw the mesh layer down, and then have someone smooth out all the bubbles before the second coat of red paint went on. 

In order to be waterproof, the mesh needed to cover every single surface, which meant that they layers had to overlap


 Even though the mesh was extremely thin, the layers built up a little where the seams could be seen. Part of the design look was that the whole house was one solid piece with no seams. We wanted to be able to hide those seems as MUCH as possible. Dan showed us a few ways to do this with the paint. Basically we wanted to build up the paint on either side of the seam so that it would eventually be even. 

The tiny house needed two layers of white paint. TWO. That should have taken us about 2 hours total time. BUT those seams killed us. I would paint around the seams, then wait till it dried, paint around the seams again. This may not seem hard, but the tiny house is 13 feet tall and I had to go up and down a ladder with each seam. A ladder that reaches 13 feet is pretty heavy. It just took a really long time. 

I worked for days and finally got the layers built up enough to add our final coat! So thankful and exhausted. All of this work was happen in our friend's airplane hanger. Finishing the final layer I opened up the huge garage door to get some fresh air. That natural light from outside hit the tiny house and those layers were just as visible as the first day. I almost cried! It looked like I had done nothing to cover them up.


This is what the seems looked like after one coat. 


This is what it looked like after days of layers! Finally finished and ready for the final coat!


This is how it looked with natural light. So sad after all of that work to see how little of a difference it made. 

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We called Dan and he came by and helped us troubleshoot the issue. It was simple. We added playground sand to the mixture and painted it on. We used a 12x12 square of foam insulation to break up the sand lines and give the house an overall stucco look. I of course couldn't wait any longer to see if it would work, so I used a blow dryer to speed up the drying process. Ha! It was amazing how simple the solution was and how much we liked the rough look the sand gave to the exterior! 

After way too many coats of paint, we now are ready for the final coat of paint! Ahh can't wait!