There are plenty of tiny house companies that sell great trailers.  There are two main types of trailers that we have come across:

1. DECK OVER: This is where the wheels are under the trailer deck. This is much simpler to build with because you do not deal with wheel wells while building. BUT it makes the trailer sit higher than the a Standard trailer which means that you loose height on the inside. 

2. STANDARD: I don't actually know what this style is called so I just decided to call it "Standard" because this is my blog so I make the rules.  It just means that wheel wells sit above the deck. It gives you more height to work with, but that big well sticks up into the build of the house. 

The way our designs worked, the wheel well was in the way of the front door opening on the trailers options we were finding.  We researched if any companies could redesign the placement of the wheel well, but Dan, our contractor, found something even better.  He was able to find a local company to design a custom trailer for us. It not had a better placement of the wheel wells, and was heavier than most trailers we had seen being online. Overall weight is an issue to watch out for, but Dan ran all the numbers on our tiny house and it was going to be fairly heavy. Because we had chosen to do a rooftop deck, it added quite a bit of weight in the design. It was nice to find a local builder.  Not only did we get a heftier trailer built for less than we were finding them online, but we didn't have to pay for the shipping fees! 

One thing to caution THOW builders. When budgeting for your trailer remember to factor in the cost of the tax and registration. We totally forgot about paying those fees like you would on your car. So it was a $700 fee we were not expecting to pay. 


Dan and Paul had to jump up there to test out the strength of the trailer during one of our design meetings.