We told we you had a hard time finding a location to actually build the tiny house. We finally were able to find a business in town that had a big gated parking lot. It is close to our house and safe to leave the tiny house overnight with tools inside. The downside is that we have to work outside in bad weather, we only have one electrical cord right now, and the weather. Oh ya I forgot something else that sucks: the weather.  We also have to be creative with how we store our materieals. We have just had to find random spots to store the wood and cover things we tarps. And check out our super classy office for some of our design meetings. HA! I mean, you can't get much fancier than this! 

The first thing that needed to happen was to lay subfloor. We met with Dan, and he showed Paul how to play the floor. To save money we have been doing some of the supply runs and building. Anytime it is possible, we have been helping out with the work. And by we, I mean Paul. I help with painting, design questions, and make calls on products we are using. The whole building thing is not something I am so good at. I am determined to be a part of it and not kill myself with a power tool by the time this project is finished. Paul had to pick up 20 sheets of Drymax  which way more than his little truck could handle. He and a friend got the sheets in two runs. They really should have done it in 4 trips because look at this truck, but Paul doesn't like to waste time. He also likes put his piece of crap truck to the test any chance he gets. 

The week was not too cold, but then the day to lay subfloor came and it was freezing. I know it wasn't technically snowing, but it was worst. It was snow flurries: which means it is cold enough for snow, it feels like snow blowing all around you, but the snow didn't stick. Snow that sticks is beautiful and Sage love the snow, so when it doesn't stick it is the WORST!

Thankfully Paul had friends come and help with the subfloor. They cut the pieces to size, drilled holes all along the trailer and glued on the floor. 

And here it is. The subfloor is laid, and the framers are coming next week to put up the walls. It keep feeling like it is taking forever and going way too fast all at the same time. Such a weird feeling to actually be building on of these. I'm worried about getting into the framed house and feeling like it is just way too small. The open trailer doesn't give me a any idea of the space.