When Paul and I thought about building a tiny house we knew there was only one person we wanted to design it: Dan!

We love Dan and his amazing work at Inglenook Designs. He built my parents' house 10 years ago, and we have been admiring his work ever since. He recently built a few homes right around the corner from our house and we have to pass them all the time, and wish we could live in them! We knew that building a home was way far out in our life plan, and just hoped that one day we could work with him. So when we went to Dan with our idea for a tiny house and he said yes, we knew we HAD to do it! 

We wanted to share some images of a few homes that Dan has built so that you can see why we chose to work with him. We have always known that his work as the designer, architect, and builder of such beautiful homes was a unique skill, but after meeting with these past clients we were blown away by his design skills. We know a lot of people that have worked with Dan over the past 10 years, and we have never heard one bad thing said about him. We think a large part of this is that he really cares about making your home fit you! He always asks what a homeowners interests are, and then shapes the home to fill those needs.

Of all the homes I have seen, this home was the best example to me of his gift of vision and design. I think that was partly due to the size of this home. Even at this size, every room, corner, and hallways felt thought out and purposeful. Take a look at this beautiful home and read a bit more about some of the amazing spaces that were created here! 

In speaking with Terry (the homeowner), she talked with me about a few of the themes that they chose to use in the home. Lines, a special metal design, and a feeling of 'floating' walls/pieces. I had heard about the 'floating' drywall from a friend who had been in this home, and could not envisioned it. It sounded so weird because I had never seen anything like it before. But it wasn't weird it at all, it was incredible. It gave a look as though the walls were floating and inset the windows in such a cool way. Also, can you imaging how precise you have to be as a builder to not have to use baseboards to hide drywall edges? You can also see the beautiful pillar in the center of the room that helps divide the space, but also ties in the design from the outside. On top of the pillar you will notice the metal design that you will see throughout the house. 

Something else I loved about this space was how large it was, but how small it felt. The dining room felt very cozy with just the one table, but Terry mentioned that when they have their large family in town, they often set up 3-4 more tables to fit everyone. How cool to have a space that feels comfortable for two and also comfortable for 30! 

The kitchen cabinets is where I first saw the 'floating line' theme that tied together with the drywall. I love the look that it gives to this kitchen. The glass counter top just adds another visual feel of something floating.

Can we talk about that plant shelf for a moment? It really breaks up the space and I love all the plants that Terry chose! I definitely need to have some of those long swirly ones in my tiny house!

The cutout of the ceiling above the couch in incredible. It ties in so well with the floating drywall. And it feels like it is it's own piece of art. 

The fireplace and the tv hutch were designed to have the floating lines in them as well. Like I said, everything was thought out and purposeful! And I love that piece of artwork that Terry placed in the hallways. She had amazing taste and I wanted all of her artwork!!! 

The railing for the stairs hold that same metal design, yet it feels different and could stand alone. Dan also runs a company that has created these metal rails and I am hoping they show up in the tiny house! These stairs led to my favorite room in the house. Probably because this little lookout had SO MANY WINDOWS! It was so beautiful and peaceful.  

The basement felt like a first floor with all the light that came in. I love seeing how cool those doors look inset into the drywall like that? And of course check out all of Terry's beautiful art choices! 

Probably my favorite element of the house were the doors. We happened to have a meeting with Dan the day before I went to this house and he was trying to explain these doors to me. Because of how he designed them, he contacted a custom cabinet company to build them. He could not find a cabinet company that would agree to build them for him because they said that doors could not open the way he was envisioning them. So he built a small model of what he wanted and figured out a way! And they were able to make it happen. They are so beautiful and so unique. I love that he is able to take something so standard as a door and put a spin on it! I tried to add in some detail shots of the doors so you could seem them up close.  I love the contrast of the paint and the wood, and of course the metal line diving it. And check out the HUGE sliding doors that tie in the metal elements we saw before! I NEED one of these doors! 

I have decided that after our tiny house I'm moving into this house! LOL! I loved every aspect of the house AND Terry was so much fun to hang out with! I'm hoping Sage and I can pop over to run around their farm before I leave town so I can hang out with her again!