We really trust Dan. He is honest, talented with design, and easy to work with. He knows our budget and knows what things cost. He has agreed to let us do some of the work on the tiny house, but there are a few things he has wanted us to hire out. And when he recommends something, we have tried to trust his judgement on it. That is why you should always work with someone you trust and you know to be honest. It makes those decisions easy! One of the thing we could tell he wanted his crew to do was the frame. We are thankful that we spent the money and hired a crew. It would have taken Paul&Friends LLC a LOT longer to get this done. We were able to quickly get the body up and move onto the next stage. And we have no doubt it was done well. They came and knocked it out in 3 days. Well, technically it was 2 full days and 2 half days. As we told you, Indiana weather sort of got in the way. 


Getting the trailer was a big step for us. The framing was another big step. I was nervous that once the framing was up, I would walk into the space and feel overwhelmed by how small it was. I'm glad we remembered to grab a quick picture together that morning on the trailer that would become our home!


The crew was amazing and the quality of work is wonderful. All the measurement had to be perfect. A quarter inch off in a tiny house make a big difference! We are installing the windows from the inside instead of the outside, so that portion of the framing was a bit different than normal. 


I took a not so amazing time lapse of the framing. It didn't go very well because the battery kept dying whenever something exciting happened. But it was a lot of work, so I thought I should allow you all to see the pathetic video that came of it. :) 

Our next step will be the outside coating. I don't quite understand what we are doing here. I know three things about it:

1. There will be NO SEAMS on the whole house. How the heck we will do this I do not know. 

2. The paint a a special waterproof paint. It has to come in on a truck from Connecticut. It can't freeze so they have to ship it when the weather will be nice for 7 straight days. . .and we have already discussed the weather issues here.

3. It will be white. This is the most important thing, of course.