When it came to the design of the house we went to Dan, our contractor, with only a couple of "Must Haves." 

1. Windows- As a natural light photographer I am obsessed with natural light and I have always dreams of lots of windows in any home I live in.

2. Stairs (so Sage could reach the loft. She is sort of the one who runs the house over here)

3. Couch- We had seen some with just reading nooks and we knew we wanted a space to sit down and relax. 

4. Full Kitchen- I love to cook and wanted a real stove and refrigerator. 

5. Loft Height: I have seen a few lofts that you can barely wiggle into. We wanted enough space to sit up in bed. 

If Possible: Washer/Dryer and Rooftop deck. (We were not sure with size or budget)

We didn't really want to give him too many stipulations because we were so impressed with all of his other work. He came back to us with two design choices on house designs. We quickly asked, "Which would you choose if this was your house?" This has been a common question from us throughout this process. And whenever possible, we stick with his recommendation. 

We wanted to use the most height we had available, so he decided on a flat roof. This also gives us the option of a rooftop deck. We love all the windows he included. It is probably our favorite part so far. The outside is a white stucco style feel and then we will plan to add on wood slats on parts of the house. 

If you walk in the front door you will see the couch straight across from the front door. Right next to the front door (Across from the couch will be the desk and shoe shelf. To the right will be a hallway that leads to the bathroom, closet, Washer/Dryer unit, and stairs to the loft. The height under the loft will be roughly 6'9". This will be the area of the house that I believe will feel the tightest. The ceiling are lower than the rest of the house, the shower, toilet, and sink are all in a small room. BUT we are living in a freaking tiny house on wheels. . .we are not expecting a walk-in closet! We don't spend a whole lot of time in the bathroom or getting ready, so we don't mind it feeling small. I am a little concerned about my "getting ready" area. I don't really know where there is going to be room for my makeup bag. I don't have a lot of stuff, but I do like to have somewhere to work. Those decisions will come later though! 

To the left of the  front door will be the kitchen. We originally were going to use that space as a second loft, but instead decided to keep it open. We will have some open shelves and large cabinets above the fridge for storage. I'm excited about the pull out table that we are going to have that will include some storage as well.

I honestly feel like when I look at the design it is giong to be huge. I know that isn't the case though! LOL! I feel really good about the stroage situaion right now. Ask me in a few months when I am trying to put everything away and I may feel a little differently. :)