Dan has a passion for building smaller homes that he calls "The Nook Haus." They focus on leaving a smaller footprint, being energy efficient, and very well designed. He recently built two amazing homes right down the road from us and is in the process of building a third. I see them EVERY SINGLE time I go on a walk and just dream about living in one of them. So when we asked if he could work with us and he said yes, it sort of sealed the deal for us on the whole tiny house thing. We knew that if he made this home, then it would be incredible and feel much larger than what it actually is. 

This is the second home I wanted to feature on the "Why We Chose Dan" tour. This home belongs to my boss and I was able to go to an open house a few years ago and see it. I remember hearing Kyle, the homeowner, talk about how Dan had positioned the windows to give them the most natural light possible. Kyle spoke about how Dan met with them to discuss things that were important to them and then fit the deign of the house around that.

One of my personal favorite touches is the beautiful front door that Dan made for them. I also love their bridge. It feels unique and different, but not at all weird. Every time I drive to my parent's house I pass by a home that was built last year. They have this design in the pitch of the roof that is something I have never seen before. I feel like their designer was trying to do something unique and it just left the house looking awkward. This is something that I love about Dan's homes. I feel as though when you pass by them and notice them. They stick out, but ALWAYS in a good way. 

Enjoy the house! And enjoy the pup.